Handy(wo)man / Janitor

We are looking for a Janitor, or Custodian, with 2 right hands to take care of our building and carry out cleaning and maintenance. Wit the main focus on maintenance.
The goal is to keep our building in a clean and orderly condition and upgrade the current infrastructure.

responsibilities include:

- installing new equipement (doors, lamps, shelves, ... )
- doing maintenance (ice machine, fridges, sounds system, lighting, ... )
- Organizing spaces (stock, offices, event location, terrasses, ... )
- Cleaning facilities by sweeping, dusting etc.
- Performing and documenting routine inspection and maintenance activities
- Performing repairs (painting, working with wood, screwing, working with metal, ... )
- Stock and maintain supply rooms
- take care of our plants (watering, cutting, ... )
- Proven working experience as a Janitor or handy(wo)man
- Ability to handle tools and machinery
- Knowledge of cleaning chemicals and supplies
- Integrity and ability to work independently
- Eye for detail
- Creative solution thinking
- Flexibility
Full time contract,
Flexibele hours,
Marked conform salary,
Freedom and autonomy
Family vibe
Lots of variation
Super unique work environment
René Vandeweyer